What is Quality Assurance DAO ?

Quality Assurance DAO (QADAO) is an ongoing open source project that provides support for the Cardano Project Catalyst Community.


The Distributed Autonomous Organisation of Quality Assurance

Auditing and Oversight

Auditing and Oversight

Documentation and Communication

GitBooks created and maintained by QADAO

Governance and Community Support

Supporting, tracking and documenting Catalyst Governance experiments.

Funded Proposals

This section outlines QADAO proposals, co-proposals, colloborations or Challenges submitted, voted & funded by the Project Catalyst experiment in community innovation. For further information on Project Catalyst please refer to the Catalyst landing page on the ideascale platform.

Facilitation & Co-Production

Facilitation & Co-Production for the Project Catalyst community.


Quality assurance standards don’t develop in a vacuum.

Contribution Guidelines

How to contribute to the docs

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