Quality assurance standards don’t develop in a vacuum.

This section is about the collaborations, alliances and two-way exchanges that QA-DAO is developing; how we are working with organisations within and beyond Catalyst.


QA-DAO is part of the Ryuuki stakepool network, (Twitter : RyuukiNetwork), which is a grouping of 15 projects including : Catalyst Swarm, WADA, Lauris | EU01 StakePool, Gimbalabs, Catalyst School, Eastern Town Hall, Innovatio, AIM, PACE, …

Catalyst Swarm

Quality-Assurance DAO provides technical project management support for Swarm a self-organizing Project Catalyst community. The Swarm is a collaborative, relation-based network in Project Catalyst. The main goal is to propose a dynamic and adaptable multi-stream structure to the Catalyst Community, where individuals, groups and projects can use their maximum amount of potential to create common value. Catalyst-Swarm-Genesis - a GitBook which records the activities of the Catalyst-Swarm which formed in April 2021 out of the Project Catalyst experiment.


Homeless people have a unique culture. Homeless Hub Fund 6 Proposal.

Homeless people have a unique culture, with much to share on key issues like value / contribution; but Cardano hasn’t yet engaged with them. Empowering communities - The first step in empowering any community to change their lives is to create a space where people can develop and crystallise their OWN understanding of the problem.


WADA delivers groundbreaking projects in Africa to engage communities with Cardano.


Cardano Catalyst Community Eastern Townhall is helping to enable community members from a wide variety of countries and languages in the eastern timezones. Eastern-Town-Hall Website -

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